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Our Services

Below are the current services offered by Coach K. Please book a consultation call if you are a new client.

Goals & pricing will be discussed during the consultation call. If you have any questions please feel free to message Coach K. 

Fitness App

Consultation Call

Are you ready to get started in your fitness and/or nutrition journey, let's chat! 

The consultation call consists of:

  • Establishing realistic goals and expectations

  • Talking about your "why" for seeking a Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

  • Discussing past experiences and history (in terms of health & current habits)


We want to provide you with the best plan of care moving forward, the consultation call gives us a great starting point to see where you are in your journey so please come prepared to discuss your fitness & nutrition goals, barriers to success, needs for a personal trainer/nutritionist, pricing, scheduling etc.

Personal Training

Private in-person or Virtual Personal Training Session

  • Must live in or near Beaufort, SC

  • Have reliable transportation to travel to and from sessions


  • Have a reliable internet connection 

  • Have a device with microphone & video capability


This session is for clients seeking an in-person or virtual personal training. This can only be book once you've had your 1st consultation call with Coach K. Each personal training session is personalized to each client's goals and expectations established during the consultation call. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Nutrition Coaching

A private nutrition coaching session dedicated to talking about your nutrition goals and how we can get you there. This session is personalized to each client based on your needs. The session may include:

  • Food education

  • Debunking food myths

  • Meal Planning

  • Grocery Shopping Assistance

  • Nutritional Guides

  • Cycle-syncing food education

  • Cooking meals/live food demonstration



Not sure where to start? 

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